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Waltz is a framework for designing web apps in 3/4 time

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Waltz (0.1.62 alpha) is a based framework for rapidly designing web apps in 3/4 time. Waltz comes with batteries and tap shoes; pre-configured and ready to dance.


$ sudo pip install --upgrade waltz


In one sentence, Waltz abstracts away many of the messy configurations which otherwise clutter and complicate your application, and in turn provides clean interfaces and modules to speed up your development.


Waltz doesn't try to differentiate itself from as a framework. Rather, it dances harmoniously with, hand in hand. Waltz intends to be an extension of and requires minimal change if you're website is already in The advantage of using Waltz is it allows you to get a website up and running more quickly, abstracting away most of the configuration and providing modules to accomplish common startup websites features like an ecommerce shopping cart and payment system.

Getting Started

There are two types waltz installs. The latest waltz module (v.0.1.62) is available via pip install. An bare-bones starter application, which uses the waltz framework, can be downloaded here:

$ sudo pip install --upgrade waltz
          $ mkdir project
          $ cd project
          $ wget
          $ python # 8080 (follow w/ optional port)

If you're in a hurry and prefer waltzing with more kick in your step, you can clone the waltz-example repository from github. The example repository is a bootstrapped project which includes a simple shopping cart, user account pages, login and registration pages, and header + navigation plugins.

$ sudo pip install --upgrade waltz
          $ git clone
          $ mv waltz-example project # (rename optional)
          $ cd project
          $ python # 8080 (follow w/ optional port)


I [mek] have been using for about five years on several different production websites. offers a simple and understandable interface, is robust, and is easily extensible. However, I find a problem in that I am forced to extend my appications in nearly identical ways every time I start a new project. My goal with Waltz is to create a framework which is an extension of, yet reduces the friction one encounters when trying to get started / configured. In addition, a collection of general purpose modules (ecommerce, authentication, social) will be offered (and not enforced), so that hacker entrepreneurs and hackathoners can get their ideas to market more quickly.

Authors and Contributors

Mek, et al; see AUTHORS

Support or Contact

For issues regarding Waltz, email Having trouble with Pages? Check out the documentation at or contact and we’ll help you sort it out.